Self Service

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KayanHR’s self-service portal with social culture wall, automated notification and employee requests. This amazing portal provides employees the ability to interact with each other and carry out their transactions.

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Social HR

Social HR

Automated Notifications

Our notifications are instantly delivered via mobile, desktop apps, or as email alerts. They would also, appear on your To-Do list.

Share Announcements

The social wall is designed to help you share important news quickly with the entire company. To keep everyone informed and connected.

Employee Engagement

Through KayanHR’s Self service, employees can view all their personal and compensation.

Track Leave Balances

Let employees check their available leave balances.

Electronic Pay Slip Distribution

Paperless pay slips are automatically distributed once you release employee salaries. Employees can download and print the slips.

Intelligent Punches

Allow your employes to access work from any authorized location or device by granting them check-in/out from the website and mobile app.

Personal And Financial Profile

Kayan’s Self-Service portal gives the employees access to their personal and financial information and their requests to amend them.

Personal And Financial Profile  HR
Reduce The Burden Of Employee Requests

Reduce The Burden Of Employee Requests

Run all your leaves, permissions, overtime or any other requests from anywhere with your mobile.

State-of-the-art interfaces that offer individual responsibility and flexibility to managers and employees.