Performance Appraisal

More experienced performance for your employees!

Design your own performance evaluation cycle to deliver better performance management experiences with continuous feedback, goal tracking, and performance reviews.

Build a fair and useful performance review process across your organization.

Get Started

Build your own evaluation cycles

Create a plan for your company's annual evaluation. Enable the objectives' setting cycle and the negotiation between the employee and the manager, as well as employee self-evaluation and an auditing cycle.

Ongoing Reviews

Reviews shouldn't be a once-yearly thing. Providing an employee with advice and guidance during the year help them focus on their goals and improve their performance. Send notification on quarterly and mid-year review to keep employees engaged.

Keep Your Employees Engaged

Keep employees and managers informed of new comments, goal progression, and goal completion. Let employees access their evaluation plan throughout the year and participate in their goal planning. The clarity of expectations upon goals and achievements will increase productivity.

Pay for performance

Clearly communicate performance-based pay plans with employees, so they understand what’s expected of them, as well as their potential earnings deserved upon achieving their goals. This includes salary raises, allowance increases, or income transactions.

Online Goal Tracker


Keep track of employees progress toward their goals, in real-time! With KayanHR you can automate goals-tracking in your team, and build an environment where employees share their work willingly.