Business Trips

Enjoy full control and visibility of your business trips!

With Kayan HR, we provide you with real-time tracking of travel expenditures and receipts. Manage your employee’s business trip expenses and packages and handle all financial settlement calculations.

Get Started

Build your travel policy

Create a travel policy, automate it, and keep track of employee per diems.

Speed up business trip settlements

Calculate your travel expenditures automatically.

Handle Domestic and International Trips

Create your own business trip policy and manage the packages based on destination.

Digital Ticketing and Booking

Book travel on behalf of employees, stay on budget and forecast spendings.

On the Road

Allow employees to enter expense receipts in real-time while on the road.

Business Trip Management

Simplify Business Trip Management

Both domestic and international trips are supported by the Kayan business trip module. With us, you can create your own trip policy and manage it from start to finish, including accommodation, travel packages, advance payments, and work resumption.

Receipt Saving and Expense Tracking Has Never Been Easier