Talent Acquisition

Automate your recruitment way

Portray your company's brand and flaunt your company culture on your career site, and proudly communicate who you are to visiting top talent.

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Easy interview scheduling

Invite candidates to the interviews and have all of the necessary questions ready for them.

Send Emails in Bulk

Keep in touch with the candidates and send them emails no matter where they are in the process.

Internal and External Hiring

Share the opportunity with employees to apply for an open vacancy within the company.

Digitize interviews with applicants and automate job offers

Create a plan for your company's annual evaluation. Enable the objectives' setting cycle and the negotiation between the employee and the manager, as well as employee self-evaluation and an auditing cycle.

Comprehensive Candidate Profiles

You can look over a candidate’s resume and profile in detail. You can also leave comments, send emails, invite applicants to interviews, and move them to the next level of the pipline.

Talent Acquisition Automate recruitment way
Track Candidates

Track Candidates

Avoid bottlenecks in the recruitment pipeline from screening to onboarding and hiring.

Customize Your Pipline

Streamline your hiring process by customizing your own recruitment pipeline.
Customize Pipline