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KayanBot is our latest cutting-edge addition to our line-up. Kayan answers your inquiries whether you speak formally or casually, in English, Arabic or others.

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Make The Life of Your Employees Easier

Automate Support

Provide fast and customized employee support. Kayanbot is an intelligent virtual assistant that provides employees with quick and personalized answers to HR-related questions.

Improve Employee Engagement & Productivity

Help employees get all information and stay connected. Kayan chatbot can handle various aspects of employee engagement, leading to better employee satisfaction.

Easily Accessible & Available At All Hours

Personalized self-service experience 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with immediate responses that has a significant impact on your employees.

KayanBot Your Digital HR Companion

Omni-Channel, Multi-Channel

Chat with Kayan through your favorite messaging apps, such as, Telegram, Whatsapp, Slack*, and Microsoft Teams*.

*: Coming soon.

Automate your HR activities

No more tedious tasks for your HR team.

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