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We at KayanHR believe that employee management should be made easier and simpler. Big or small, we’re committed to helping your company create the best experience for your people.

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Learn how our HR and work-force management solutions help you achieve a better work experience backed by people who care about yours. The work week is about to get a whole lot easier.

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Easy learning Curve

It’s easy to get started with KayanHR, fast to start running with it, and expert support is there whenever you need it.

Social Wall

The social wall is designed to help you share important news quickly with the entire company. It keeps everyone informed and connected.

Designed to scale with business of any type

KayanHR is crafted to manage human resources activities in companies at small and large scales.

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Our Benefits

From scheduling shifts to running payrolls, managing your team can add more work to your actual work. As an employer, having a centralized employee system can help you keep track of what’s going on, everywhere.

Multi-Country Profile

Build multiple tax profiles and social security rules for different countries with the ability to update the rules without any technical support or extra development hours.


You can have KayanHR in multi-languages, multi-currencies. So you don’t have to worry about implementing KayanHR for new branches. KayanHR grow with you seamlessly.

Powerful Report Generators

Embrace diverse salary structures and build multiple tax profiles and social security rules for different countries with the ability to generate any salary reports.

Are you interested to learn more about our list of features, such as, multi country profiles and custom report generators? You can learn more at our key features page.


Integrate with Time Attendance Machines, ERPs, and Other Solutions

Through its flexible API, KayanHR is ready to connect to your environment. Time attendance machines, enterprise resource planners and your other integrable solutions are now within reach to further enable your HR abilities.

Oracle JD EDWARDS erp Saga X3 SAP Microsoft Dynamics

Work That Feels Like Kayan.

We Build The Dream Team

We centralize people above all else to deliver a seamless HR and user experience.

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Effortless Multi-Country Payroll: Simplify Salary Structures | KayanHR

Multi-Country Payroll

Automatically calculate accrued vacations, sick, and owed time.

Manpower Planning (BETA)

Deliver Impact at Scale

We deliver a faster application process with pre-screening tasks and assignments.

Time Attendance Simplify payroll with our online punch clock | KayanHR

Our Online Punch Clock.

Track employees time, no matter where they are working.

Talent Acquisition: The Key to Attracting Top Talent | KayanHR

Automate your Recruitment Way

Flaunt your company culture on your career site.

Timesheet: Track Employee Time and Costs Effortlessly | KayanHR

Where Employees’ Time is Going

See how many hours your team is working by day, week, or period.

Explore Timesheet

Simplify Business Travel Management with Kayan HR's Real-Time Tracking

Simplify Business Trip Management

Enjoy full control and visibility of your business trips!

Optimize Employee Performance: Appraisals & Feedback | KayanHR

Build Your Own Evaluation Cycles

Design your own performance evaluation cycle to deliver better performance management experiences.


Air Travel Management: Kayan HR's Employee Ticket Balances | KayanHR

Manage Your Employees Air Trips

Enjoy a smooth experience when you book air tickets for employees through our powerful package creator.

Elevate Employee Aspirations: Strategic Career Path Support | KayanHR

Build Career Paths

Empower employees to forge their own futures and drive them to success.

Talent Development: Equip Your Workforce with Future-ready Skills | KayanHR

Let Your Talent Shine!

Give employees the skills that they need to boost organizational performance and to achieve your strategic objectives.

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Succession Planning Prepare for the future | KayanHR

Prepare For The Future

Assure suitable successors for your key positions with KayanHR.

Kayan Mobile App on Apple and Android | KayanHR

Empower Your People!

Enable employees to quickly access your organizational employee directory, to do instant check-in and check-out and to stay always connected from your Apple or Android phones.

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Effortless Remote Management with KayanHR's Portal | KayanHR

Manage Your People Remotely

This amazing portal provides employees the ability to interact with each other and carry out their transactions.

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Kayan Hunt: Elevate Your Career Site | KayanHR

Customize Your Career Site

Portray your company’s brand and flaunt your company culture on your career site, and proudly communicate who you are to visiting top talent.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

We have been working closely with KayanHR.

I can say that the advice and support we have received from the team have been very pleasing. We would recommend KayanHR to any company that needs an HR solution

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Sarah Bkairat

People & Culture Specialist - Tarjama

What Our Clients Are Saying

Working with KayanHR has been a game-changer.

We have better leaders, we’re more consistent, and we’re more equitable across the board. It’s truly been transformative

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Farah Bitar

Head of HR - Yallow

What Our Clients Are Saying

No more time is wasted on screening CVs and pre- qualifying applicants;

we automate the recruitment cycle in easy steps. KayanHR screening process automation let us focus on the best people for the job

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Sanaa Lubani

HR & Admin Manager - DADA Group

What Our Clients Are Saying

KayanHR exceeded my expectations!

They understood our industry and were all about providing excellent service, and facilitating HR tasks whereby listening to the customer needs and making continuous developments in their field of service. I highly recommend them!

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Shanya Atta

Compensation & Payroll Supervisor - Green Iraq

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our challenges with the payroll are now a thing of the past.

With KayanHR's Payroll module, Creating transactions, calculating salaries, and communicating them with our finance department is now a fast, strain- free experience

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Tariq Khanji

HR and Admin Director - Lafarge

kayan application

Keep Track,

KayanHR provides you with a dedicated mobile app where you can keep track with what’s going on, everywhere and anytime.