Time Attendance

Simplify payroll with our online
punch clock.

Track employees time, no matter where they are working. Keep track of attendance, time off, and overtime in real-time and seamlessly sync with payroll. Enforce self-responsibility, transparency, and saves administrative effort and cost.

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AI Recommendation system

Enforce punctuality with auto attendance rules for late coming, short hours, extra hours and missing attendance.

Geofencing and Location Tracking

Capture the attendance of employees from any location, anytime. Track your employee's geolocation effectively, especially while working remotely.

Integration with attendance inputs

Rest easy with multi-channel attendance inputs like biometric, and web check-ins seamlessly flowing as outputs to other functions like payroll.

Track Time Accurately,

no more buddy punching!

Keep track of your teams absences, leaves, and other permissions. KayanHR ensures data integrity and payroll accuracy.

KayanHR: Manage team absences and permissions for precise payroll
Roster Shift Management

Roster Shift Management

KayanHR allows managers to set the schedule of employees’ roster shifts. Complex schedules can be created in minutes and shared with everyone.

Enforce self-responsibility, transparency, and save administrative effort and cost.